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Admission Test Certification-Certification is credited with having established various different certification systems. Each of those certifications is for a specific area of IT expertise. Certifications such as these help establish the knowledge credentials of an IT professionals. Among others, it serves two major functions:
It helps an individual gauge his/her own level of knowledge and expertise
It helps potential employers in finding the right candidates for the various IT positions provide our candidates with the latest exam materials updates for Admission Test Certification-Certification . To ensure about the relevance and accuracy of our resources, the study materials are constantly revised and updated by our expert team. We guarantee the materials with quality and reliability which will help you pass any Cisco certification exam.

Admission Test Certification

  • SAT-VER...2008年03月 GSM,900,1800,1900,2100 直板 1600万 240×400 像素 2007年12月 200万摄像头 黑色
  • SAT-MAT...GSM 直板 40和弦 金属材质 2008年07月 黑色 GSM,900,1800,1900,2100
  • PRAXIS2滑盖 GSM 258 时尚 蓝牙 黑色 金色 白色
  • GRE-QUA...2008年01月 GSM,900,1800,1900,2100 直板 262144万 240×400 像素 SMS,EMS,MMS,超长信息发送,短消息群发 黑色 CDMA
  • CSG6MAT...GSM 64和弦 2009年2月 320万摄像头 GPS 直板 工程塑料 支持 2008年10月 黑色
  • AIEEE-P...摄像 智能 音乐 蓝色 红色 舒适 直板 中档 2008年07月 黑色 GSM,850,900,1800,1900
  • AIEEE-M...SMS EMS MMS pda 摄像 智能 音乐 SMS,EMS,MMS
  • ACT-SCI...2008年05月 GSM,850,900,1800,1900 直板
  • ACT-MAT...SMS EMS MMS 短消息群发 语音 阅读器 SMS,EMS,MMS,短消息群发语音合成信息阅读器 黑色 白色 滑盖